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We can maintain your rock and water gardens... Everything from planting and maintaining alpine plants in your rock garden to pond maintenance like cleaning dirty pond pumps, algae and pond-weed removal, installation of aquatic plants or a general tidy up!

Some of the services available for rock and water gardens services include:-

. Installation of rock and water gardens to your specification including design, selection of suitable plants and plant installation...

. Pond maintenance, pond planting, eco-friendly bacterial pool treatment to reduce algae build-up...

. General maintenance of your rock or water gardens on a regular basis, also as part of our 'garden maintenance' services...

. Pond clearance, either once a year or as a one-off. We can also advise on what is necessary to get your pond nice again...

> Contact us and we will pop around, assess what needs doing and then give you a quote. Once we have established exactly what needs to be done, we will arrange an appointment for when we will undertake the work. Please note that all debris can be disposed of if required...

Rock garden maintenance generally includes plant care, soil cultivation, 'splitting' and cultivating alpine rock garden plants and weeding where necessary.
Ponds need a regular maintenance programme, dead and dying plants, fallen leaves, blanketing weeds and dead fish must be removed immediately and pumps should be serviced rather than waiting until they break down. Your pond may be hopelessly overgrown, the bottom of the pond full of sediment or the edges loose and unstable. The time has come for a major overhaul, and this calls for emptying, cleaning and restocking.

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