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GENERAL SERVICES > Regular Garden Maintenance and Garden Management

We offer a regular garden maintenance service on a weekly or fortnightly basis...

You will benefit from regular garden maintenance if:-

. for whatever reason, you are finding it hard to keep your garden under control and looking good...
. you look after your garden when you can but would like more advice and help to establish a quality garden you can be proud of...

. you are are having a "Greenhavens garden overhaul" and would like your garden kept after it has been brought back under control...

> Give us a call and we will pop around and give you a quote for either weekly or fortnightly regular maintenance depending on which is appropriate. This way we can assess your requirements for your garden and decide on a suitable maintenance programme.

Garden maintenance generally includes grass cutting, lawn edging, border maintenance, leaf and debris clearance, plant, flower and shrub care. We understand different plants and their differing needs, so we can get your garden looking its best...
We can also include specialist services into the maintenance plan, for example you may want regular lawn care applications to improve or maintain a high standard of lawn, or a certain hedge trimmed 3 times a year. Perhaps your garden has lots of containers, hanging baskets and pots, if this is the case we will need to feed the plants every 6 weeks to keep them healthy and looking good. We can test soil pH and advise on planting if you are looking to improve your garden or replace old plants.

Whatever your requirements, we will tailor a maintenance program to suit your needs...

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